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New Year Fitness Regime

Christmas is over and we are all feeling somewhat sorry for ourselves with our trousers slightly tighter than they were this time last month, so here is our guide to working off that over indulgence. Statistics suggest that 12% of all gym memberships are started in January, however a small number of these memberships last. Without the right dietary support, your efforts at the gym may go unnoticed. Nutrition and supplements help you along the way to achieving your health and wellbeing goals for 2017, and our friends over at Proto-Col has just the right selection lined up to support you.

We’ve been starting our recent workouts with a single serving of SlimFizz which is a natural aid to weight loss. Before you take on the below exercise its important to warm up. Stretching is essential because it will help avoid joint strains, increases range of motion, and promotes circulation which in turn allows oxygen to reach the muscles more effectively. All of this will set you in good stead for the oncoming workout.

"Its important to warm up"
"Its important to warm up"


30 seconds with 30-second rest for a beginner or 45 Seconds with 15 second rest for an intermediate. Burpees are a full body exercise that uses a large percentage of your body muscles and is an excellent exercise to begin the regime as it gets the heart racing in preparation for the rest of the workout. 


Weight depends on fitness level, some of you may just wish to start with body weight. Or you can even use just the barbell. 30 seconds with 30-second rest for a beginner or 45 seconds with 15 second rest for an intermediate. Again, this exercise is working a large amount of muscles and is a compound exercise that burns fat exceptionally well.


Medicine Ball Slam 

30 seconds with 30-second rest for a beginner or 45 Second with 15 second rest for an intermediate. This is another exercise that will increase heartrate and bring the sweat out, burning fat in the process. 

Press Ups 

1 minute with 1 minute rest for a beginner or 1 minute 30 seconds with 1 minute rest for an intermediate. This exercise works lower and upper body, evening out this workout at the end to form a well-rounded regime.

Press Ups
Press Ups

This should be complete 3-5 times dependant on fitness level and finished with a 15-minute jog as a warm down, followed with collagen pro before hitting the hay which helps to decrease recovery time for muscles and strengthens weakened joints.


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