Advertising 2016

Our readers come from a wide mix of backgrounds which includes creative, affluent and savvy design-conscious consumers aged 20-40, who like to experience the high life and dress stylish. A large percentage work in middle and high pay jobs within the creative and professional industries. If your company aims to target our demographic then advertising on is the perfect way to get your products and services noticed by them. 

We aim to replace the traditional magazine in a more engaging format through extra imagery, discussion, easy shopping of mentioned products and inclusion of related video content – giving the reader more interaction with the articles and features, and enabling the advertiser to engage with their target audience instantly.

If you'd like to advertise and gain exposure for your website or brand we'd like to hear from you. There are many ways in which you can work with us - please read through our 2016 media pack below, find out more about our Editor-in-Chief and get in touch to request pricing or to chat through a project proposal.


MWS Media Pack 2016

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