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Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the leading luxury Blended Scotch Whisky, as per IWSR 2013, launches on global release a short film starring actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini. Directed by British director Jake Scott, the film tells the story of a wager between... read more

Located at 33 Fitzroy Square, the WORLD CLASS House was the central hub of the competition that sees 49 talented global bartenders competing to win the much coveted accolade of WORLD CLASS Global Champion – this year won by Charles Joly from the... read more

"Hi James, fancy joining up with Woodford Reserve and making some cocktails?" The start to an email everyone wants to receive (Unless you're not called James, I guess). The lovely people over at Woodford Reserve were running a challenge, to put a twist on a classic... read more

As restaurateurs know, a picture of a perfectly cooked succulent steak is still an image that’s known to entice diners through the doors of their establishment. Recent reports state that the consumption of meat has risen worldwide over the last 50 years, and burgers... read more

Whether it's the elegant fit of a tailor-made suit or the perfectly engineered lines of a classic car, Affligem is a beer for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The Benedictine monks of Affligem Abbey started to brew the beer in 1074, in the abbey bordering the provinces... read more

After a quick flight to Edinburgh from London, followed by a short car ride through the beautiful Scottish countryside, we found ourselves at the Diageo distillery where Tanqueray gin is made. Helmets, boots and hi-visibility jackets all at the ready! The scale of this distillery is huge but we expected... read more

Are there any other institutions that can claim to have a more historic and iconic status of Scottish roots than golf and whiskey? I don’t think so. In September 2014 these two global sporting and celebrated industries couldn’t be more intertwined. For it is this year that, “The... read more

Belgian Beer brand Leffe have teamed up with the acclaimed chef Kevin Love in their latest initiative, celebrating British Gastro recipes. Kevin Love, Head Chef of the Michelin-Starred restaurant ‘The Hind's Head’ shares some of his most popular Gastro bar snacks recipes which would work perfectly with a pint of Leffe.... read more

This Spring, countries around the world, including the UK, will pay tribute to the growing popularity of Malbec by hosting a selection of Argentinian events to shine a light on this grape varietal. The appeal of Argentinian Malbecs has been steadily rising due to their juicy and fruity notes and... read more

A few months back we debated whether or not coffee was cool, quickly coming to the conclusion that it very much is, more than ever before. It has been reported that the average coffee drinker spends £450 per year on the habit and the avid coffee drinker can spend up... read more

Back in October last year we challenged the question: Is smoking cool? This resulted in us coming to the conclusion that whilst smoking is undoubtably cool in the films, the reality isn't quite the same. That said, the reaction to the post caused a few people to disagree with this... read more

The best reflection you'll ever catch in your life, is in an elevator ceiling mirror. It's the reason why all selfies look good taken from an overhead angle. So as I stepped out from said elevator, fully satiated from a quick dip of sinful vainglory, I enter the Rooftop Bar... read more