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Introducing the new spiced rum shot from Bacardi UK called 'Fuego' (meaning Fire in Spanish). I've actually hung up my shot-downing shoes since winning a Jagerbomb competition a few years back. I won't go into details of the aftermath but it did result in... read more

We've all read the Great Gatsby, or at least pretend that we have in order to sound sexy in a group of literary scholars. But rarely do we get the opportunity to transport ourselves back to that enchanting era when ladies hair would be awash of feather boas... read more

Scottish pop-up Dram & Smoke is migrating East for spring with a five week stint in a former sofa factory by the riverside in Hackney Wick. I was fortunate to get a reservation and felt confident that countless viewings of the movie Highlander had put me in good stead... read more

Whisky. If ever a liquid embodied the spirit of Manliness, whisky is it. The clear, honest colour of distilled grain is suffused with care, knowledge, strength - and a little bit of luck. Gentleman Jack indeed. The tradition of sitting back and knocking back a dram... read more

The Italian Supper Club recently served up a four-course menu inspired by, and served beside, the River Thames! The Doodle Bar in Battersea played host and a full-house of hungry hippos were treated to a menu that focused on the ingredients the river used to... read more

You may have seen the recently launched CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka collection of images in Rio De Janeiro by legendary photographer Mario Testino. The On Arrival campaign sees CÎROC and Testino handpick emerging talents from across the globe that they... read more

Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, has announced the worldwide launch of its new Single Grain Scotch Whisky, HAIG CLUB. “Forget everything you thought you knew about Scotch.” says Dave Broom the whisky writer. I'm not entirely sure what... read more

"Have you ever woken up naked, zip-tied to a stranger’s radiator with a pool cue extension hanging out your ass?" Ok so I admit, it was risky material for a speech at my Nephews Christening. My point being the roofie phenomenon is extensively... read more

Can’t tell your Pinot from your elbow? The Grape Club is on a mission to demystify the world of wine and get the UK drinking better wines at more affordable prices. The Grape Club is an innovative online wine subscription service. They remove the hassle and... read more

Once when I was young and had a refractory period that defined the original term 'bullet time', I was a staunch vegetarian. I sponsored a tiger, voted Green, and only wiped with recycled toilet paper. But then life happened. I started paying taxes, I found... read more

“When it comes to being quintessentially British, it is not just dapper dressing that counts – it is also about being prepared with the right cocktails at social occasions”, says Jeremy Hackett, world renowned menswear designer. To simplify the process... read more

Unfortunately The Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel doesn't have an aquarium filled with crustaceans, so my dreams of replicating the great Paul Gascoigne lobster incident were dashed upon arrival. For those unfamiliar, Gascoigne once... read more