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SINTILLATE is Europe’s finest nightclub and event management company and was founded in May 1999. The idea is to bring the VIP party experience to more and more people, they want to bring people together as part of a luxury lifestyle. This year they are celebrating... read more

Highlands’ distillery offers unique insight into what it takes to be a Royal Lochnagar Master Distiller. Royal Lochnagar, the single malt whisky distillery located near Balmoral Castle, today announced the UK launch of its new membership club Distillery Director, which... read more

About five years ago I was strutting around my bedsit, drunk, with only a half pint of milk and a quart of cheap amaretto to my name. Most people would have called it a night, maybe a life, but not this fashion blogger. Now I'm not comparing it to Einstein's... read more

This month, Cîroc at London Riviera brought a taste of Miami beachside and the chic French Riviera to the Southbank by Tower Bridge. The yellow carpet was rolled out, and a little slice of entropic-escapism was fashioned. The space had the trappings of being on a... read more

This summer, Moët Ice Impérial launches the big summer party pop up at Madison rooftop bar overlooking the iconic dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. This elegant champagne is a world first, uniquely served over ice making it the drink for summer (available from... read more

If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine and fancy dining in a relaxed sociable atmosphere, check out the Japanese Supper Club who are providing an evening of unique contemporary Japanese dishes in tasting portions every Friday night until the end of June... read more

The queue to get into the Dalston Street Feast was not only long and unexpected, but inert and anarchic. The sound of laughter from the other side of the fence was dinned by the smell of grilled cheese chiming to my empty stomach like an Indian hypnotizing a... read more

Introducing the new spiced rum shot from Bacardi UK called 'Fuego' (meaning Fire in Spanish). I've actually hung up my shot-downing shoes since winning a Jagerbomb competition a few years back. I won't go into details of the aftermath but it did result in... read more

We've all read the Great Gatsby, or at least pretend that we have in order to sound sexy in a group of literary scholars. But rarely do we get the opportunity to transport ourselves back to that enchanting era when ladies hair would be awash of feather boas... read more

Scottish pop-up Dram & Smoke is migrating East for spring with a five week stint in a former sofa factory by the riverside in Hackney Wick. I was fortunate to get a reservation and felt confident that countless viewings of the movie Highlander had put me in good stead... read more

Whisky. If ever a liquid embodied the spirit of Manliness, whisky is it. The clear, honest colour of distilled grain is suffused with care, knowledge, strength - and a little bit of luck. Gentleman Jack indeed. The tradition of sitting back and knocking back a dram... read more

The Italian Supper Club recently served up a four-course menu inspired by, and served beside, the River Thames! The Doodle Bar in Battersea played host and a full-house of hungry hippos were treated to a menu that focused on the ingredients the river used to... read more