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The Iconic British footwear brand, Dr Martens continue with their successful ‘STAND FOR SOMETHING’ campaign. The official campaign for 2014 features a set of images from photographer James Pearson Howes, featuring 19 different young, inspiring, creative and stylish individuals. The label is known for its rebellious and non-conformist spirit, which is reflected well in the... read more

Do you remember the Iconic American Jeans brand Lee? Of course you do, most of you will probably have once owned a pair, but they’ve been caught napping over the years and all this is about to change. Oh, and just in time for their forthcoming big bash - the impressive 125 year anniversary, the... read more

The first Levi’s made-to-order jeans service at its London flagship store on Regent Street is the ultimate expression of style and craftsmanship. This service, which is known as Levi’s Lot No. 1, has made the Levi’s Regent Street flagship the definitive destination for denim tailoring in the UK capital.... read more

In the summer of 2008, Andreu Fernández was on holiday in Shanghai and he was also soon to be working for a strategic consulting company and so he needed a few elegant suits to wear for the office and business meetings. In Shanghai, he sourced a good quality product at a very reasonable price. With this... read more

Lads, the weekend is upon us! We nine to fivers rejoice, flooding the streets in jubilant ecstasy like the mad, raving weekend warriors we really are. You have a to-do list set before you. Not like the ones that await you come Monday morning in your cramped office cubicle. No. This to-do list involves 1)... read more

Back in April 2013 I first spoke to Alexander Stutterheim. At the time he was envisioning the restoration of the once grand raincoat from a wooden office in Stockholm, in-between battles with melancholy and his accountant. Whilst these battles might still rage on, Stutterheim Raincoats has since developed from a nostalgic passion into a global... read more

Inspired by the iconic decade of the 70s, Festival Specs are a glamorous mix of fun, flare and functionality. They’re combining the rock-n-roll spirit of both Woodstock and Glastonbury to bring us their take on fashion sunglasses. Seen on the catwalks in London, supporting emerging talents like Zekaryas Solomon, or the Central St Martins Fashion... read more

The fashion label nANA jUDY launched in 2006 and was immediately stocked in key retailers and leading boutiques. The men’s fashion market needed something new and nANA jUDY expressed a new individuality and style which was very much welcomed among the young fashion conscious male. When they launched they were young, there was no one... read more

For a relatively new brand Pretty Green have earned a big reputation, thanks in no small part to Beady Eye vocalist Liam Gallagher’s personal involvement. The singer’s taste is evident in their lines and it is said that he casts his eye over each and every product before it hits the stores. Looking at the... read more

Ever Since their formation, Dr Martens have strived to be different from those before them, to create shoes which embody the young free-thinking generations for which they first designed their boots for in 1960. This philosophy has led them to maintain a stable popularity amongst a changing youth subculture, which was most famously associated with... read more

A touch of Scottish style has been brought to Florence by Strathberry of Scotland. In the last editions, Pitti Uomo has gone more urban and less classic, focusing its research towards the new entries of fashion, the emerging designers and generally, to all the trends that last for only a few years. The 85th edition,... read more

Until recently, the word ‘Cravat’ carried the label of antiquarianism and gentry, with notions of a 19th century period drama, or perhaps the stereotypical image of an aristocratic gentleman, past his prime, fashioned with a smoking jacket and a monocle. Cravat Club, an online store specialising in cravats is attempting to bring it back into... read more


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