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Colin Farrell, ladies’ man, man’s man and reformed bad boy is hitting the big and small screens this year and looks set to become 2015’s all-round leading man. In his first significant TV role since the 90s, Farrell made his debut last month on Sky Atlantic, playing a... read more

Football managers are under constant scrutiny from the media and footy fans alike. Each are regarded as having their own unique style and I'm not talking about the inverted Christmas tree formation or employing a false number nine. I'm talking about what kind... read more

When discussing your favourite male style icons, who springs to mind? the well-known classics like James Dean and Steve McQueen, or do you think of the ever so admired David Beckham? Whoever you think of, it’s guaranteed they all follow the same stylist route... read more

A young Daniel Radcliffe became a global sensation as the face of Harry Potter back in 2001 - at the tender age of eleven. Fast-forward 14 years and the young actor (now 25) has become an international star and genuine style icon in Hollywood. It wasn't an easy... read more

After another fantastic year for menswear and men’s style, we take a look at some of the gentlemen who have stood out in 2014 and have been noticed by the team here at MWS. Here they are in no particular order: Oliver Cheshire “British model... read more

Sean Combs aka P. Diddy, now referred to as just “Diddy” is globally known for his wild all-white dress code Hampton parties, his over the top yacht party extravaganzas, his business entrepreneurship skills and his sought after wealthy lifestyle. King of bling, Diddy owns the best cars, throws the... read more

Harry styles is one of the biggest iconic heartthrobs to come out of Britain today. Harry, whom is largely known throughout the world for his One Direction pop group domination, his curly locks and cheeky persona - and not to mention his love of the ladies, has grown into a... read more

The smooth Tennessee crooner 'Justin Timberlake' is one of the biggest male singers in the world and some could say he is one of the most talented performers of our generation. He has us all bowled over with his electric dance moves, high pitched singing voice and his individual smart... read more

Not content with being Sherlock Holmes, the bad guy in Star Trek Into Darkness and ‘The Sexiest Man of the Year’ [according to Empire magazine] Benedict Cumberbatch has to walk around looking like a very dapper gent, all day long. We’re not being mean. We’re just jealous. The British actor... read more

Mr Tempah has come a long, long way from his ‘wifey’ rapping days and has quickly become a fully-fledged British menswear ambassador in the last 2 years or so. Kudos to you Tinie, what an evolution that has taken place! "Quietly" he has very much become all grown up by means of... read more

Unbearable lightness of being Shia LaBeouf, hopelessly incurable introvert, working in an extraversion-oriented environment, repeatedly showing off his strikingly nonegocentric attitude toward a myriad of things, including faith, Hollywood, celebrity culture; often questioning if fame is worth pursuing and if only dollars matter?... read more

He has arisen from the ashes in Balmain, unlike any other living creature. We take a look at actor-turned-musician Jared Leto’s standout image and his continually evolving style habits. Even though we are neither stingy nor too generous with compliments for Jared’s previous dressed-to-depressed attempts, the credit should be given... read more