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Last season the velvet jacket was the key piece, but summer calls for a bit more experimentation at formal events and weddings, so what better time to introduce the bright suit. A wardrobe staple for style luminaries, such as Tinie Tempah and Oliver Proudlock, this... read more

Anyone with a certain amount of money can buy an engagement ring. But picking the right one is a different kind of challenge altogether – and choosing the engagement ring of your partner’s dreams is hardest of all. Forget the nerves as you take to... read more

When the invitation to attend a swanky black tie social event comes your way, two thoughts spring to mind immediately. The first is, “great, this looks like fun.” The second, inevitably, is “Black tie? I need a tuxedo!” Again, two things to pay heed to straight away. Firstly, don't... read more

One of the most standout shoes a man can own are monk straps, and their versatility means you can wear them for most occasions today. So with either a double strap and buckle fastening or minimal single strap they're a perfect option for both a smart occasion or... read more

We’re in the midst of a menswear trend where tailoring is at a peak, and you can still keep the sharp suited and booted look during the summer months. When it comes to summer tailoring it’s about being able to stay smart but cool at the same time, often it’s... read more

You've got an interview lined up with a company you've always wanted to work for – but it's 30 degrees outside and you need to make sure you still look the part. Worry not. We asked the UK’s largest independent job site, CV-Library to share its top tips on how... read more

It’s really important when choosing what to wear that you are choosing not just what you like and want but also what works with your skin tone. Stylists spend time studying their client’s skin colour shade before styling them, and there's a number of ways to... read more

“Seriously, how often do you look at a guy’s shoes?” Asked Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption as Tim Robbins strolls past a security guard wearing the Wardens shoes. Answer is, ALL THE TIME! It's the part of the film my bullcrap alarm goes off... read more

Guys like to harbour this fantasy that women talk mostly about shoes and have pillow fights. But women rate guys too, and as research shows it’s a convoluted scoring system that even Alan Turin would struggle to decipher. First of all women are just as... read more

My favourite scene in the movie Shame is when Michael Fassbender walks into a bar with his boss and starts chatting up three women. The three women all close their eyes and ask them what colour their eyes are. The boss gets all three wrong, Michael Fassbender... read more

The colour we're most afraid to wear is certainly white, particularly living in the United Kingdom it can be hit and miss with how the weather may pan out. The colour isn't the most practical of shades and yes, they can look a bit stark. But they're just as practical... read more

If you’ve ever been to a formal event, you know all about the dress code. Black tie, black suit, white shirt, good luck getting anything else in without being turned away at the door! Events like these can be stifling; the strict requirements leave many men and women... read more