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They say the Devil wears Prada and that could be true, but for men in the know he is most likely sporting items stolen from Nick Wooster’s wardrobe, just maybe not these floral trousers he was recently spotted wearing though. For my first MWS article I thought it’d be fun to do a bit of a... read more

As the temperature heats up and the sun begins to shine more often, we can start relegating our peacoats and cashmere scarves to the back of the wardrobe and start dressing for the nicer weather. However, this isn't a signal to start walking around the office with shirts untucked and sandals on; it's important to... read more

This famous annual 4 day horseracing festival started way back in 1860, and includes the steeplechase, hurdle and flat racing. The best horses and jockeys from Ireland and Britain compete for the rather nice £4 million in prize money. Even if you are not interested in racing and have never made a bet you can... read more

As a fairly nouveau adult, one of the largest challenges that I have faced (aside from having to dress myself and no longer taking joint baths) is wearing high top sneakers whilst being taken seriously. Generally, an adult in high tops either needs to grow up (I’m looking at you, Bieber) or needs to face... read more

Gentlemen, time to put on your big man britches. You’ve weathered more than your share of hoity toity cocktail parties in your open collar button downs and sports blazers. You’ve conquered your best girl’s fave night at the theatre in your turtleneck and slim fit trousers. You've even gone to your best mate’s wedding day... read more

Dress code rules are the basis for all these yearly memorable and special events such as weddings, but because of your significant role as a Groomsman, you should look into whether the wedding is formal and at what time of the year it falls on. Not taking note of this really could result in a... read more

First impressions are everything. Whether you're meeting with a client, going on a first date or trying to nail that first interview, it pays to ensure your appearance is looking as good as your CV. This means no scruffy jeans, no greasy hair and no Lynx Africa. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau suggests there is a seven... read more

Even though we all wish we could wear designer clothes on a daily basis, the truth is that few of us can afford to do so. However, style has nothing to do with how much money is spent on a single garment, but more-so with the strategy behind choosing, fitting and combining your clothes. Have... read more

Have you got a fun and interesting personality? Nothing is more appealing than a man with personality who is not afraid to express himself. Men’s accessories sections are getting bigger within stores too. Still hesitating? Start showing your personality via something as minor and simple as socks!... read more

Every guy should invest in a tailored suit before they’re 30 – it is a statement and a staple that will be in your wardrobe for years to come. Throughout the years my core tailoring style has pretty much remained the same, but I love experimenting with accessories, colours and patterns. My favourite bespoke suit... read more

You’ve probably heard of people proposing with "out-of-the-box" ideas, but have you ever heard the one about the ring being, literally, out of the box? For anyone planning on proposing today on Valentine’s Day, what would happen if that engagement ring of proportion, averaging at three months’ worth of salary, was lost? Some seriously accidentally inventive... read more

Valentine’s day is today, but let’s face it, there are guys in long-term relationships who know they have found the one, the love of their life, but are unprepared for the next life-affirming step - buying an engagement ring and proposing. This is unknown territory, a daunting task of diamonds, shape, size, with or... read more


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