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A shirt and tie is the classic and timeless professional look that most of us don’t ever really have to wear day-to-day. But with the conundrum of which shirt matches which tie, along with endless possibilities and choices can be a daunting task. Mismatch... read more

Picture the scene, you're sat at home and your phone rings unexpectedly, it's that girl you've liked for ages and she's asked you to go for a drink. This is a situation that in the parlance of noted Thespian Sir Daniel Dyer will require some "proper clobber". You race... read more

The holidays are over and that means it’s time to start thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Time to burn off that excess holiday weight, get back to your normal work schedule, and start yourself on the track to accomplish your goals for 2015... read more

Switzerland is the heart of watchmaking and a watch crafted there is the epitome of luxury. The craftsmanship and design is undeniably unparalleled compared to the cheaper forms of watchmaking and the price of a Swiss-made watch is certainly shown in... read more

There’s always that classic wardrobe staple that you can turn to on almost every occasion in life. A Lacoste polo shirt is a timeless classic that you can easily grab from your wardrobe when your boss wants you for a meeting at the office in five minutes... read more

First of all, if you're last minute shopping today for Christmas gifts, you're MENTAL! A bit of earlier preparation would have saved you from that lady who is using her pram as a weapon against your ankles, not to mention the fact that all the best stuff is already out... read more

The term 'shoe-tree' may be foreign to you but if you like to keep your shoes looking in tip-top shape you may want to invest in some. A shoe-tree is a device you place inside of your shoes to ensure they keep shape over the years. It also reduces the... read more

Being a University graduate is a change of pace from what you’ll have known for the past 3-5 years i.e. you’ll actually have to turn up for work rather than skipping those 9am starts. Other than having the qualifications you’re going to need to look the part and that’s what... read more

Are you the sort to leave Christmas shopping for your mothers, girlfriends and sisters until Christmas Eve because each year you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy? We refuse to let you be the one whose presents get put to the back of the cupboard never to be seen... read more

Fashion. It’s not quite as interesting as sport for most men therefore the majority probably don’t really have it set as a priority in life. A shirt and jeans with a coat will suffice for most, but sometimes there needs to be a line drawn in the sand. We’re here... read more

The best time of year is upon us once more and time to write those wish-lists for Santa. Whether you're buying for that special gentleman in your life, dad, son, brother, secret Santa, or even a cheeky preside for yourself, my Christmas list must-haves should leave... read more

As we turn over the calendar and we’re greeted by December, our minds jump into the festive spirit. Chilly Winter mornings, excess layering, knitwear, spiced lattes, snow, Christmas, and food - lots and lots of food. Style is often forgotten about when Winter is... read more