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I am probably going to get lynched for saying this and I apologise in advance... but I’m afraid David Beckham was not the first one to start the unisex white trainer/Stan Smith trend, despite the attention he received for being seen wearing them recently... read more

Bored with your layers and layers of clothes? While the weather doesn’t agree that it’s time to shed your sweaters and scarves just yet, there’s no harm in planning ahead and considering what you’ll wear when the clouds finally part. With that in mind, here’s the... read more

The longstanding popular tailoring colour blue is still very relevant this season, It’s one of the easiest colours for men to wear in all its varying tones. And a staple of any man’s wardrobe should be the navy blue suit. It’s super flexible in terms of teaming with other colours... read more

I love a good revival and one article of clothing that seems to be making a repeated appearance in men's collections, and in my opinion a welcome appearance, is the retro/varsity style sweatshirt. Not only have they widely been featured on the men's catwalks... read more

With spring just a few months away, it’s time to dig out our t-shirts and shorts and get prepared for the sun that is hopefully not too far away. It’s also time to check the new eyewear trends for the new spring/summer 2015 season. One of the most important... read more

Many trends come and go, breezing into our lives, lauding themselves over us and then disappearing as quickly as they arrived; usually with us looking back on them with a certain level of disgust and embarrassment. Checks, however, are a trend in no rush... read more

It's that time of year again: resolutions, dryathalons, Oscar season and of course, the Pantone colour of the year announcement. Since the turn of the millennium, Pantone have been selecting a colour from their books to promote their colour of the year. Last year... read more

What makes the knitted tie stand out from the crowd, albeit in a quiet, understated sort of way, is the fact that no other tie gives you quite the same textured look or feel. Thanks to the natural texture, a knitted tie adds some extra depth, especially when worn with... read more

LCM’s street style this season certainly seemed a lot more flamboyant than usual. There were lots of bright colours and sports luxe threads in comparison to the usual tailoring in neutral and earthy tones. Among the peacocking and the clearly commercially placed... read more

Sportswear is something usually associated with sports (duh) and has been the uniform of choice for Chavs over the past decade, but sportswear has this year become a huge fashion favourite under the guise of “Sports Luxe”. You’d be mistaken for thinking that... read more

The man bag - something we have all come to terms with and accepted as a wardrobe staple in a man's everyday life. However, no longer is a man bag just a man bag... they are getting cooler and classier with more outlandish and stylish designs cropping up... read more

Just over a year ago, I made the move from the UK to Los Angeles to work in the world of men’s fashion. The first question that most people ask is, "Why not New York, why not Paris, why not London?". There’s one very simple, succinct reason: LA is far,... read more