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Baselworld 2015 introduced us to an array of new watches from watch brands ranging from accessible Citizen to luxury Hublot. One of the most exciting announcements from the weekend was from TAG Heuer who announced new and modern ambassadors for... read more

Introducing the new Shanghai City Jacket from Elvine. Elvine City Jackets are a collection of limited edition jackets tailored for a specific city. Whispers around the Elvine camp fire were that it was a coin toss between Hull, with a population of 243,589 and one of... read more

In true spirit of this new BOSS Orange collection, we set out to test the new New York model and portray its laid-back and spontaneous style. On first glance of the extra-large watch face with a playful pop of orange, combined with the smooth and enduring rubber strap, we instantly... read more

From time to time I’ll make my daily office commute a healthier one by hopping onto my bicycle. My journey to work is relatively short, and as such I prefer to firstly grab a shower at home and get dressed for the day, rather than chuck my lycras on and... read more

Bremont are not afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to their watch inventions, prime examples being their Codebreaker and HMS Victory pieces. It has become a tradition for the brand since 2010 and quite rightly, being one of the only luxury watch brands to put so... read more

Longines are a brand focused on style, sophistication and sports. From the Royal Ascot to the Olympics, they have once been or are currently the official timekeeper and watch of a large number of sporting events. The company was originally founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832 when he joined with... read more

What happens when an industrial engineer and an electronics engineer come together? Welcome to Bann Industries, a company born 4 years ago in Hong Kong, set up by two Turkish brothers. Under the care of Bann Industries, Ariel Rider is giving old school design a new lease of life. While... read more

Davek (pronounced dah-vek) specialises in the design and manufacture of the world’s strongest and most beautiful folded umbrellas for men and women – designed to last a lifetime. Here we present the company’s latest collection of high-end, uniquely strong umbrellas designed to withstand the most brutal of weather conditions.... read more

So you're too busy to shop? Hate the thought of traipsing through the sales rails for something good? Just plain don't know what you like? Well gents, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of new online menswear personal shoppers, ENCLOTHED. A new concept dreamt up and... read more

Last month I spent some time in New York City and was fortunate enough to capture some of my time with the new Leica D-Lux 6 `Edition by G-Star RAW`. With the way technology is moving now, cameras are not just tools they're accessories and Leica has caught onto this... read more

One of the biggest style accessories of the moment are luxury headphones. Especially the bulkier type, which provide perfect sound and minimal noise escape – meaning everyone sat near you on public transport is happy too. This set by Phillips called the Fidelio M1 are on the more minimal side... read more

After receiving an invite along to the launch night for a new indigo denim brand, Flying Horse Jeans, I was intrigued. A lot of brands seem to get swallowed up by the black hole that is the denim industry and fail to leave their mark. The juggernauts that are Levis... read more